Vauxhall/Opel Omega

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Omega Reflection/Tourer Omega CD
Omega CDX Omega MV6
Omega 2.5i/TD Elite

Omega 3.0i/3.2i Elite

The Vauxhall Omega (Opel Omega 'B' outside the UK) was launched to the motoring press on December 16th 1993. The Omega was to be the replacement for the Vauxhall Carlton (Opel Omega 'A') and the Vauxhall Senator ranges with the Senator being directly replaced by the flagship Elite model. All variants are eligible for membership of the AutobahnStormers. The Omega range had a facelift at the beginning of 2000. The flagship models are as follows; the Omega MV6 (this model is only available under this badge in the UK, Omega Sport in Europe) which is the spiritual successor to the Vauxhall Carlton GSi 3000 (Opel Omega 3000) and the 3.0i litre version of the Elite (strangely badged as MV6 by Opel) is the successor to the Senator CD.