Vauxhall Carlton

Carlton CDX Carlton Diplomat
Carlton Diamond Carlton GSi 3000
Omega Evolution 500

It is not only the GSi 3000 variant of the Vauxhall Carlton that qualifies for entry into The AutobahnStormers. There were less dramatic Carltons that were available but still had six-cylinder power under the bonnet. In 1990, a small number of 3.0i CDX Estates were produced and in 1991 the 2.6i CDX and Diplomat models were introduced. As the Carlton came towards the end of its production life, the powers that be at Vauxhall / Opel decided that it would be a good idea to drop a slightly downrated version of the GSi 24V engine into an estate bodyshell and in October 1993 the Carlton Diamond 3.0i 24V was released.